About Us

The Company

Cell-Nerds™ is the destination for all your Smartphone accessories. Cell Nerds LLC is a nerds owned company based in South Florida. We love our smart phones and cannot imagine life without them, therefore we have an absolute understanding on the importance of keeping our devices secure and safe at all times. We test and use all the products before making a decision to place them online. Our goal is to offer you good and durable quality products at the best prices.

Quality Control

We, like our customers, prefer to avoid problems and to make sure we don't run into any issues with your order. We take the following steps to make sure you are receiving a product that won't come back to us for a factory defect.

Here is how we accomplish it:

Products get thoroughly inspected by the nerds at the office.

Nerds make sure that all components are present and properly assembled.

Nerds conduct specifications tests to ensure that it does what its specifications say.

We proudly package your orders with our Cell-Nerds™ smart packaging and send it your way.